【IELTS】新型冠狀病毒影響下的最新考試安排 ⾦鐘及尖沙咀英語教學中⼼暫停向公眾開放 ,直⾄另⾏通知 。如有其他需要,必須預約才可進入⼤樓 。更新⽇期: 2021年1⽉8⽇星期五
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The Achievers is a next-generation website for learning. We strive to have students and tutors connected beyond time and space, providing the best learning experience for students. We are and will only pursue providing exquisite courses and elite tutors for students.

Achievers believe that education should not be spoon-feeding. Instead, we value the relationship between students and us. Therefore, we put all students' work on a real-person marking basis and give tailor-made guidance.

We are currently providing IELTS courses for students from different levels in English. You can learn and achieve a higher level on the IELTS test by attending our courses.

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